A few reasons why the internet needs hackers

First I will list to you some basic facts of the internet.

The internet as we know it always has been the connection of computers. Along with human beings interfacing with those computers. The internet is the space or the sum of all of these computers, end-points, vertexes or what ever you want to call them.  The internet is a living organism.

What’s that mean?

People say that  all the time. What’s that mean? that the breaths, bleeds and dies? Of course not because the internet is not alive. The internet is a reflection of you and me, all of us people that use the internet. If the internet is the reflection of its users, it is a reflection of life as a human. Thus must be alive. If the internet is alive, it is only as strong as its weakest link. This is why hackers are good for the internet.


Why hackers may be good for the internet is their specialty. They have a nack for taking things apart analyzing how they work and reconstructing them to their advantage.

Understanding this trait could be very useful to the internet as a whole. Imagine people working on their free time, or full time for that matter working solely on making the internet more secure, and finding better ways of doing things. Think of it this way, you have a bunch of testers, that are taking things apart, random things, every day things. Finding flaws, fixing them, making them better and exploiting other broken things.  If we used these traits to the advantage of the internet we could really build a solid future for the internet.

The problem

The problem is the mind set of society. Our governments and religions have always been very authoritarian.  The Internet promotes the exact opposites. Since the internet is essentially controlled and owned by private enterprise and their only goal has been and ever will be profit. People suffer. People suffer in this vast jungle of the Internet have always been subjectively abused by this internet. This is because people find satisfaction is abusing of this service, the Internet.

If hackers

If hackers are ever going to be good for the internet, the internet must be good to them. There is no sense trying to control everything as the internet is a free place. The idea of copyright in general and the horrific way it is being used to collect the cash. The harder these industries: Music, Film, Software, etc. try to control their content or control the medium of which this content is distributed the more violent hackers will become to fee these works or mediums.

If people

If people who poses this trait are nurtured and cared for, if people were rewarded for their hard hacking work. They would not want to exploit the Internets faults because they would have felt gratitude in their well praised accomplishments.

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  1. Josh says:

    Makes me think about all the work lulzsec is doing to expose security flaws.

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