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I am going to share this with my self. Since I have no friends or anyone really who wants or can endure anymore of my Gabber. Today I was made aware of a new release by Statement of Disorder – Addiction.  A wonderful track.  It has a heavy sounding kick with a captivating rhythm. I give this a 10/10, which is my first impression.

New style gabber is keeping me on my toes, I am headbanging eight hours a day at work, programming. Then I get into the car, listen to blasting gabber on my way to pick up Tanya.  Turn it down a little while she is in the car, cuz I know I’ve already driven her up the wall with my blasting music. I get home and listen and search for more. If I am not looking for new music, I am listening to new music on MoH radio.  Combing through internet radio, parsing foreign language to find new track titles and podcast subscriptions constantly adding up and ticking in.

If there was such a disease called gabbermania, I’d have it. So for what ever reason, I have no friends that I can share my music passion. Which is ok, more for me. I may be posting my likes and dislikes here a bit more often.

On the dislike note, I hate Rotterdam Terror Corps, but like the track “Rave One (Swedish Chef Mix)”. I don’t like RTC because of the lame Roar voice dubbed in the tracks. I also don’t like female high pitch vocal samples in a lot of really good tracks. But I live with it.

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